About Us

Chavenage Productions is an amateur group which has produced twelve annual outdoor plays at Chavenage House. Many of our committee have been involved since 1984 when the first production was staged at Chavenage, near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. For more information about this historic house, visit www.chavenage.com

Our cast and crew are amateurs drawn from the local area, but we set professional standards of production - and we have employed professionals in some departments such as lighting rigging. 

Our aim is to stage the sort of performance that is beyond the practical and financial resources of individual local dramatic societies. We believe this gives a rare opportunity for actors and technicians in the region to work together and to learn new skills to share with their own local societies.

We have now produced our last play on the lawns of Chavenage, but in June 2010 moved indoors to the Bacon Theatre at Dean Close School in Cheltenham. This was clearly not very popular with our regular audience, and we have not repeated it.

In 2013 we returned to Chavenage, but this time indoors in the ballroom, where we staged The Shakespeare Revue. This lighthearted look at Shakespeare was well received by our sell-out audiences, who endured the hottest week for some years as they once again picnicked on the lawns.